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I attended aPLaNet Launch Conference at Yeditepe University on 22nd of September . As an active user of social networks such as; facebook, twitter and nings platforms, I was eager to attend. When I first signed up for twitter, I couldn’t imagine how this platform could help develop my teaching career. I have experienced the success of using social networks in my classes and professional development. You too can be a part of this amazing global staffroom which allows you to learn and share wherever you are. Our world is constantly changing and we need to keep up with the new technologies and materials available to us. I enjoy sharing the information and skills that I have learnt over the years with colleagues to assist them with their own development. This is also the main idea of aPLaNeT Project that you can meet mentors and mentees in a social platform to develop your PLN (personal learning networks). You should check out aPLaNeT page to understand why we should use social networks and how we can get involved into this project. By the way don’t miss a chance to meet great aPLaNeT team.You should visit resources page and click on ICT tools that every teacher should know about them .You can download the individual tool descriptions from the links. You can also download a description for each category of tools or/and view an introductory video. They have also included direct links to the website of each tool.
Networked Student’ video is a great video to understand networked learning in the 21st century.

When you click on the presentation title, you can find the first plenary slides ‘Managing Your Professional Development Online’ by Nik Peachey.

Second plenary is ‘New tools, New Oppurtinities, Personal Learning Networks’ by Joe Dale. Joe emphasized that teachers need to up-to-date with new trends to engage with their students.In this session, we explored how we can use technology at class and how to create our PLN (personel learning network) to support us. Some of the links from Joe Dale’s presentation. Here are the links:
MFL Digital Stories is a wiki that has a nice collection of digital stories in French, Spanish, German and Italian for Modern Foreign Language Teachers and Learners.Box of Tricks is a site that you can find tried and tested internet resources for the classroom.MFL StoryBirds is a wikispace where you can share and enjoy stories written by and for teachers and learners of French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Check out ‘European CLIL Resource Centre for Web 2.0 Education’ by Meral Şeker and Figen Yılmaz.Zuhal Gökçe talked about the use of virtual English classroom in SL (Second Life) that is a 3D environment. I love Quest Atlantis is a site that you can use with your kids from 9 to 16 ages.

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